Let me introduce you to my little friend…

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for growing plants. Maybe it goes back to my childhood when my afternoons were spent tied to Batman the Animated Series watching my favorite character, Poison Ivy. As a kid, one birthday all I really wanted was a venus flytrap, which my wonderful grandmother gave me to my surprise. I sat that little guy (or guys, I believe it was a cluster) out on my front porch and kept an eye on them to see if they were, in fact, eating bugs. Well, they didn’t and soon after, died. I did have a few cacti which grew pretty well. I guess they kind of had to since they were cacti, they hardly even need water. I would have had to feed them bleach to kill those guys off. Sometime as a teen (or maybe I was in college?) I had a bog kit which didn’t even produce a single sprout. I was bummed about that one. How cool would it have been to grow a freakin’ bog??

On beach trips to Malibu, I would pass this guy on the side of the road selling his bonsai trees and ALWAYS wanted to get one, because you know if most of my previous plant growing attempts failed, naturally an artistic Japanese tree would be the next option to grow. Well, I never did get one. This Christmas, however, as I was shopping for the family I ran across a “grow your own bonsai kit” in Urban Outfitters of all places. I needed gifts for my ex (who remains a good friend) and my sister’s boyfriend, so I thought these were pretty awesome and grabbed two. A Japanese maple and black pine. Well, the ex ended up heading home to see family in Minnesota before I had the chance to give him his present. He didn’t have money to buy me a gift so why make him feel bad when I gave him this pretty sweet bonsai, right? So now I am the proud owner of a black pine bonsai. (Kit. I can’t be counting chickens here.)


Here he is. You can see Anna from Frozen hanging out in the background.


The directions were not the clearest, so let’s see how this goes. Apparently the black pine seeds were pre-planted and all I had to do was poke holes in the bottom of this little container and let it soak up some water. I’ve left him on my kitchen window and check every other day to make sure the soil is damp and whether or not he needs more water. So…fingers crossed. If I’m not the only odd one out there who gets joy out of this little project, I would love some helpful tips!

If it doesn’t grow I put the blame on it being purchased from a hipster clothing store.


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