This world is mine.

And here it is folks, 2014 skills/goals I hope to master:

Finish my novel – I love writing but I blame my ADD for slowing me down.

Learn to play the guitar – I mean, I only live with the most talented guitar player in all of Southern California. I should be taking advantage of this!

Learn Spanish – because of the above…I live in Southern California.

Grow my bonsai – to redeem my failed attempt at trying to grow a bog years ago.

Learn self defense – this one is a little iffy, because I’d love to be a badass little blonde girl, but mainly because I have to find time to attend classes.

Relearn how to throw knives – I own throwing knives and was okay at it awhile back. I just need to polish that skill. Then I won’t need self defense classes, right?

Learn how to wear makeup like a pro – because I suck at anything makeup oriented and I’m jealous of all you lovely ladies that look like super models with it on.

Start a blog 

Learn to dance – and I mean DANCE. None of this booty shaking, because I have that down already. Right. 

Grow some veggies – because I was known to grow a mean pepper or two back in the day.

And last but not least, do some volunteer/charity work – because I’ve always wanted to and put it off when really helping others is something I love doing. Besides, if we all helped those less fortunate than ourselves, this world would be a much better place to live in.


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