An island, a forest, or a strange building?

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

A strange building just sounds creepy. It makes me think that Jigsaw would come peddling his tricycle around the corner and tell me how I’ve failed as a person. As much as I love forests, they tend to hold dangerous beasts – at least I imagine an unknown forest would. Therefore, I would pick the island. I used to daydream about being stranded on an island. I’ve read several great books about this topic and also seen some good films. I’m sure it wouldn’t be all lying around sipping on coconuts vacation time, but after weighing the options in my head, I think I could survive longer on an island. Sure, a forest has shelter and might possibly be a better place to scavenge for food. I don’t know too much about edible plants so my luck I’d pull an Into the Wild move and eat a poisonous berry. With an island, I imagine I could still scavenge up edibles and also figure out a way to catch and cook some fish. The tough one would be finding water. I can only hope my island includes a jungle with some type of water source, otherwise I better know how to desalinate sea water. If I had to live somewhere permanent, I might lean toward the forest, only because frying in the sun all the time would be disastrous. Since this is about me being kidnapped and dropped off somewhere, I can only hope someone would be looking for me. An island gives me a better chance of being spotted. If I wanted to be rescued.

Plus, I just feel so at peace around water.


How could you not want to be here? (Okay, this is Malibu, California…but still. You get the picture.)


5 thoughts on “An island, a forest, or a strange building?

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