‘Cause I come from the land of lizards

Happy Monday, everyone! (Happy since it’s a holiday. At least for some. I had to be in the office for a meeting.)

I decided to clean my place early this morning and under a few bags of clothes ready to be donated (but sitting there due to my procrastination), what I first thought to be a dried piece of straw, on closer observation, turned out to be this little guy:

ImageHe was still, closed eyes, and just all around pretty pitiful. My heart went out to him. I was sure this lizard had met his demise lying under my pounds of clothing. As I sat there feeling for the poor guy, I began to see his eyes open ever so slightly. That’s when I realized to my delight, he wasn’t dead! He just needed water. So without hesitation I scooped him up and began to give him what he needed.

Image*Ignore my sloppily painted nails. I was too busy saving lives that day.

Sure enough, he began to drink and after he perked up, I brought him outside to a bush and he scurried off. It’s amazing how doing something so small, like saving a lizard’s life, can make you feel so wonderful. Next time you find some tiny creature in need (even if it’s something you might not ever think about helping), give it a try. You’ll be surprised how good you feel afterward.


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