Journey to The Wisdom Tree

About two years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a hike to “The Wisdom Tree.” I don’t know if that’s what it’s actually called or if my French friend, who made the expedition before us, christened it with that name. If you happen to live in the LA valley area, you can see it in the Hollywood hills. It’s just kind of standing up there all alone. Poor guy. However he’s become pretty popular so he’s not that lonely anymore. In fact, the coolest thing about this guy is he comes with a treasure box of some sort and inside is an old notebook where everyone who visits this tree writes something. It was filled with poetry, happy entries, sad entries, declarations of love and drawings. Well, you’d think if I had the chance to spill my heart and soul out in a book after a Lord of the Rings like venture to the top, I would have written something beautiful. Something heartfelt.  Something freakin’ smart. I mean, this tree was called, “The Wisdom Tree.” But no, I chose to draw a picture of me with a sword and some dumb alter-ego type name. Syren. Or Syrin. Some little video game character name of mine spelled differently for different games. That was it. I mean, it wasn’t bad but come on. In my defense, I didn’t know about the book until I got there so I wasn’t prepared. That’s apparently what you get from me when I’m put on the spot. Well, I decided to make a trip again and redeem myself in front of “The Wisdom Tree.”

It was a beautiful day for it. While the rest of the country was freezing, (I think my hometown in Alabama got flurries!) California was its bright and sunny usual self. All decked out in my new Christmas gifted running gear, I was ready to hike…this…

Image (8)

So it was dusty, dirty, and very steep. Like I said, I had done this before, but it was a different route. This one felt a little more of an incline. And let me also mention there were plenty of rocks that didn’t want to just lie still while you were doing your climbing. No, they liked to roll right out from under this falling prone hiker’s feet. But I grew up on this activity, so I stuck with it. I mean, I had to get to that book. And despite it being a hot day, the view was gorgeous. You could see the whole valley and the city in the distance.

photo (10)

And finally, “The Wisdom Tree.”

Image (9)

And wouldn’t you know it, the book wouldn’t be there anymore. Someone took it a long with my half-assed drawing forever preserved in “The Wisdom Tree” archives. I think there’s a lesson of some sort to be learned here, but oh well. (By the way, that’s not my boyfriend under the tree. Some guy named Spencer who was shouting his life story for the whole valley to hear. Hence, me knowing his first name. Don’t you just love being out in nature and then there’s that one guy with the megaphone voice? Thanks, Spencer.)

Overall though, it was a lovely day. Perhaps I’ll just have to bring my own notebook up there next time I make the trip.

photo (8)I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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