It’s easy to believe in magic when you’re young


My childhood was pretty magical in that I believed in fairies and other kinds of mystical creatures. Behind my house was a good sized woodland area, so it was easy to believe they lived there. I could go into more depth about different magical instances I encountered (and I will in future posts for sure!), but what inspired me to write today was thinking about something that was so small, but was so very special to me as a child.

My sisters and I were given “fairy cans” growing up that were kept by the window in our kitchen. These were usually old tins that used to hold Valentine’s treats my mother had kept. Mine was a large red rectangular box with red and white hearts on top. We were told that if we were well behaved (or did some good deeds) sometimes the fairies would leave us treats inside. There was nothing more exciting then lifting that tin box and feeling it heavier than normal. My heart would skip a beat as I shook the can and heard its brassy thunk deep inside, full of treasures. Usually this was candy or sometimes small objects that I immediately adored and found even more special than what they were because, hey, they came from the land of fairies. This was such a magical thing for a child to experience that I still think about it today.

I can’t wait to do this for my future children.


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3 thoughts on “It’s easy to believe in magic when you’re young

  1. that. is. awesome.
    wish i had kids so i could do that for them. brilliant.
    my grandparents (who i grew up with) used to have a friend call me near Christmas and pretend to be Santa. You never saw a more puffed-up kid, “Santa called ME!” lol
    The more magic we can infuse in the world, the better, I think.

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