Life is beautiful, life is cruel

I received some upsetting news a little while ago that gave me a heavy heart. My cousin (who was like a sister growing up and made me an aunt to her daughter) delivered her second child today, a boy, and he’s missing four fingers. I never think of things like this happening, although they do and quite often I’m sure. Whenever I hear of someone expecting a child, my only real concern is whether it will be a boy or a girl. Sure, deformities happen, but like most sad circumstances you never think it will happen to someone you know. It just breaks my heart to think of mothers having to go through the pain of finding out on that special day that something is wrong with their child. And what’s worse is you know the pain they feel is for the child and what he/she will have to endure in life.

It scares me to think that, without knowing it, something could be wrong with my child when I choose to have one. I love children and always know that if my child were to have any kind of issues, I would love that baby more than I love myself no matter what. This just kind of shook my world for a moment. As I sat here at work, listening to my mother on the other end of the phone, it just showed me that you think you know how life is going to play out, but you don’t. And it also once again shed light on the fact that all the little things I have to gripe and complain about, could be worse. This news made my heart swell for my cousin and this beautiful baby boy and for all the other brave mothers, fathers, and children who have had to deal with deformities in their lives.

Life can be such a beautiful thing, but it can also be so very heartbreaking.


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