Valentine’s Day when you’re not romantic is just awkward, right?

So in honor of St. Valentine’s torture and beheading yesterday, like many others I joined in the overpriced day of showing love. And what better way to show your significant other (or whomever it is you feel like snagging for the day) a romantic time than a trip to where “happily ever after” is shoved down your throat…DISNEYLAND!!

photo (15)

I may act like a smartass, but the child in me loves Disney. I’ll put down a lot of money just to be surrounded by that mouse and his many princesses. Once I get there, my doom and gloom self is just consumed by the magic they pump in the air because suddenly I’ve become one of them and I’m skipping around like the first time I ever went. Somehow my boyfriend seems to always be immune to the magic. I believe sometimes he’d much rather jump down Snow White’s well than spend another moment surrounded by these commercialized fairy tales. However, it was that dreaded day of hearts and flowers so he put up his best front. And let me add that I am not a romantic person. Romantic movies and books, sure I’ll enjoy them, but act that stuff out, no thank you. The men in my life have always been better at it. And I always seem to foil their gestures. Take last night for example. We drove separately because of our work locations and trying (but failing) to beat traffic, we ended up in this odd predicament. My boyfriend (having free parking on his annual pass) had already parked and met up with me to help me find where to park.

J: So I’m pretty sure you can park for free at their California Adventure hotel.

Me: Are you kidding me? Do you know where we are? There’s nothing for free at this place.

J: Well, why don’t you give it a try?

Me: Because I know I can’t park at their hotel for free! I’m not about to go drive in there like a fool and ask if I can park for free!

Well this romantic conversation went on until my frustrated boyfriend just about pushed the car in there himself. So as we approach the overly chipper attendant, my boyfriend cuts off my annoyed state by letting him know we have dinner reservations. So there we go, in to park for free and me with the whole looking at the ground “well you could have just said so, damn it, I’m an ass now” awkward state. Men and their romantic gestures. Got to love them. And it was a great dinner.

photo (14)

At their buffet I went back for seconds, thirds, even having to try all the desserts. Hey, Valentine’s is once a year. But who am I kidding? I just love food.

And here we are:

photo (13)

He really is a great boyfriend. I’ve never met someone with the exact same type of sarcasm and humor like I have.

And if you can just bear with me through these typical girly selfies (it won’t happen often, I promise!) where I have an outfit moment. I rarely dress up, so when I do, it’s a big deal for me and I just want to excitedly show off what I wore last night. This little number (which, I swear looks better in person. I think…) is a 20’s inspired vintage store find. Probably less than $20 because that’s how I roll. I was in love with it. Forget the boyfriend. I was spending Valentine’s Day with this dress.

photo (12)

Ugh, what a poser.

(Glitzed out phone cover courtesy of one of my favorite toddlers who basically told me I was a girl so I needed some bling like all the ones he knew. I’m just not cool enough for kids these days.)

So whether you’re a Valentine’s Day lover or an anti (I’ve been both), I hope yesterday was lovely in some kind of way. And while I’m on this subject, let me say while still being relatively new to the blog world, I absolutely love reading and hearing from everyone on here. You have all made me feel so welcomed and loved.


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