My Somber Barter with the Doll



I came across a voodoo doll high in the attic;

She was lifted in aerial suspension and really quite frantic.

Her eyes were black, her lips gasped an effluvium; 

I stood still in awe by this anomalous situation.

A vow then emerged, something I wish I could recant;

A flicker of light, in those dim eyes showed chance.

I had to rescue her and restore this odd life;

Drawing from my pocket I produced shears, as sharp as a knife.

Slashing and whirling she came spinning down;

Free from the bindings that kept her off ground.

Sleeping now soundly like a child in a bassinet;

Looking at this creature I suddenly felt a whisper of regret.

Lifting my shirt to find a suture, still raw;

Tugging on it gently, I realized it – no I! – was filled with straw. 

No more could I scream, I could hardly open my mouth;

My body became limp and my arms desperately flailed about.

Here I now hang, all alone, waiting to be discovered;

By some new poor soul who would trade his life for another.  


Wordle #1 for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 

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7 thoughts on “My Somber Barter with the Doll

  1. I did not expect the twist, it really caught me by surprise!
    This is a nicely vowen tale and even carries a much greater message in the ending lines then perhaps intended.

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