Under the Juniper Tree


They hold me by my arms, but why they bother I don’t know,

The intimations have been made clear, if I wanted to leave there’s nowhere to go.

I look at each disturbing face- they are sickly, sere, and gaunt,

These new neighbors of mine will surely enter my dreams tonight to haunt.

I pass their vacant stares and try to ignore their hissing laughs,

The one thing on my mind is this is where my life shall pass.

But it wasn’t my fault! She caused the rift to grow strong!

If only they knew the reason, they wouldn’t find me in the wrong!

But, alas, we are here, my new lair that would make you grimace,

They pump me full of some elixir and leave me to serve out my sentence.

I close my eyes but still before me I see her sallow face,

Twisting and turning like a feather she’s left this world without a trace.

Not long ago I was her child, sitting in the sun under the juniper tree,

I wanted her to love me but this was never meant to be.

Taking her scarf I tied it tight and waited for her vitals to cease,

I took her life from her, but she never cared for the life she gave me.

I can hear the screams now gathered together outside my asylum door,

But my mind is drifting to someplace far away where, I too, will exist no more.


Wordle #2 Challenge for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie



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