While we try to teach children all about life, children teach us what it is all about

If there is one thing that can make me smile when I’m feeling down, it is surely this little guy right here:

photo (1)


My little nephew, Ryland, brings me more joy than I could ever imagine. I believe I may have mentioned before in my writings that I’m not very close to a lot of my family. Except for my youngest sister, and now her wonderful son who I absolutely adore. I know, I know, there’s nothing more annoying than someone praising the children/babies in their lives. My boyfriend has resorted to physically diving away from me when I come at him with another photo of my nephew I’ve received. But, hey, when you have cute lovable kids in your life, you have to brag. There are far too many brats out there so when a good one shows up, you better point him or her out to the world.

I hate that he lives so far away where I only get to see him once a year. I feel my emotions just twist into sadness when I hear that he pretends to talk to me on his play phone all the time and whenever a plane passes overhead, he points to it and calls “Yang-Yah” (that’s my name in baby talk when you have too many hard “s” letters to pronounce). Visiting home can be tough now, but seeing him is well worth it. Having him run to me whenever he’s there and hug me; have me chase him as the monster; hold him while he jumps and sings…seriously, kids are the greatest. Just seeing a picture of him or hearing his voice on the phone just brightens up my day. He’s definitely a spitting image of my baby sister and I couldn’t be more proud of her for being a great mother. It’s just amazing how one tiny little person can really open up your heart.

photo (5)




7 thoughts on “While we try to teach children all about life, children teach us what it is all about

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