Happy Easter to all, and to all a goodnight!

Happy Easter to everyone! There was a brief moment in time between my love of Halloween and Christmas that Easter was my favorite. Something about waking up and seeing that once empty basket magically filled with treats next to my bed; then finding the brightly colored eggs that had been dyed while I was sleeping, now hidden throughout the forest. Oh, and of course there’s the whole true meaning of Easter, but when I was a kid, it was all about the eggs and candy. (My lack of a religious background always shines through when these holidays come up. Although, I’m not in anyway being disrespectful. I’ve always been open minded when it comes to everyone’s different beliefs.) This year, like the past few years, I was nowhere near family, and didn’t get to partake in any Easter festivities, but that’s okay because I got to get creative with a few housing decorations.

First, this little structure that I put together. I love orchids and I found these bamboo-type reeds at World Market, so I took a large candle holder and decided to spruce up the empty old wooden stool I rescued at one point. I swear it looks better in person. I even had to try and filter the image because my first thought when seeing the photo was “well, that doesn’t look impressive at all.”

imageThen I look some interesting wine bottles (am I the only one that buys wine based on how cool the bottle is?) that I had saved and decided to stick some gold candles in them to go on the table.


So, now that I’ve shared some of my decorating (or more like lack of) skills I hope everyone did something fun on this holiday whether you were with family, loved ones, or just by yourself. Oops, did I put family and loved ones as two different things? Oh well.




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