“Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable.”

I ran across this quote (Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience) and couldn’t agree more. I’m sure most of you have known those people before. The ones who have certain issues in their life whether they are health related or personal and you feel for them, you want to feel for them, but they treat everyone around them horribly where it just makes it hard. Sure everyone has their bad days. I have plenty. And if you’re dealing with some kind of hardship, then that’s going to push you to the edge quite a bit. I completely understand. However, I can’t help but admire people who deal with some very terrible hardships, yet refuse to take it out on the people around them. Especially the ones who are helping, or are just trying to be there for them. Or how about those of us who have been around this type of person who is dealing with a hardship for years, and yet if you don’t cater to their feelings at every moment, then you’re just a horrible heartless person? Never mind all the good things you’ve done for them. You need to be at their beck and call otherwise- forget it.  We’re all human so we’re bound to slip up, but everyone is fighting their own battles, even if they don’t express their struggles as loudly as others do, so just show a little courtesy and respect and remember you’re not the only one who has it tough.

Obviously there’s someone in my life that is a prime example and has me spewing my thoughts right now. It’s tough because I want to be there for this person, and I’ve tried to, but the harshness and cruelty that comes from them, and the way that this behavior is backed up because of what they have to go through…no. I don’t think so. I go through my own share of pain and difficulties and do they know about it? Of course not. For one thing, this person is so wrapped up in their own life, that it wouldn’t matter if I did express my battles, and secondly, I don’t like any difficulties I have to become my crutch. My illnesses, my hardships, they’re not everything I am. They will never be my excuse for if I treat others cruelly. I don’t think anyone should use this as an excuse. Will I screw up every once in awhile and let them get the best of me? Sure. But if I do, you better believe I’ll feel bad about it and I’ll try my best to fix what I did if I hurt someone who has been there for me.  

And I’m done ranting for the day. Whew, that feels better. 


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