I Have a Secret


Shh, I have a secret, that only you shall hear.

It’s been locked inside, kept chalky and old,

No one has heard it for it’s been simmering in the shadows,

This secret is just too much for any dear listener to behold.


But are you ready? Here it is! I have to tell somebody,

I’ll burst from its repression, if I keep it in much longer.

I nearly died long ago, I saw my life flash before my eyes,

Or maybe, simply, the truth is I don’t love this man, I love everything about her.


Men, women, everyone, does it matter who I yearn for?

Or is my secret that I cannot love, it doesn’t exist within?

Therefore when I killed someone, I secretly, happily relished it,

All because this abysmal dark chasm that replaces my heart, makes me void of all emotion.


Or maybe instead, as I stared beneath, I knew I could end it all,

Falling like a minuscule particle into the watery depths below.

Yet here I am still alive, how could I manage that?

Was this my secret that I told? Do you now know of my immortal soul?


Perhaps the secret is a hidden genius that I can’t wait to share,

Or the angst that comes with an approaching condemnation that will send us all away.

Here, I can’t stop stealing, taking everything that isn’t mine,

I’ve committed crime after crime and yet have never had to pay.


So many secrets, so many lies,

Which are the falsehoods and which is mine?

How can we all live burdened with our deepest darkest moments?

If we learn to live with who we are perhaps our secrets will vanish in time.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: A Vastly Important Secret


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