Me vs Health Insurance

Man oh man, do I hate health insurance companies. They’re the worst. The thing is, I’m a pretty healthy person physically. I’ve never had to stay in a hospital or had any serious illness. *Knock on wood.* However, in the past few years, I have been battling teenage breakouts. I already look like a teenager, so add in the gross teenage hormonal skin, and no one takes me seriously when I claim I’m 27. As a teenager I had a few breakouts, but nothing serious. Well, now in my 20s my skin is a raging acne party. This is great for someone who already has low self esteem let me tell you. I’ve been on the dreaded Accutane medication twice where my skin and lips caused me to look like a shedding lizard. Now after my second go at it, my clear skin only lasted a mere 6 months. Those dreaded lumps of evil are already beginning to creep back up on me. My dermatologist and I have become the best of friends. Last time he told me, “You know, you actually have very beautiful skin underneath it all.” Thanks. Too bad I only get to see it for a few short months at a time. Well, instead of going on Accutane (technically it’s now just called isotretinoin) for a third time that may cause my liver to shrivel up for good, he’s having me use a retinoid medicine. I really wasn’t looking forward to getting on the strong drug again, so going on a topical retinoid seemed to be a good idea. Well, that’s where the lovely insurance comes in to crush my dreams. Apparently they won’t cover retinoids because they’re also used to get rid of wrinkles and I could just be using it for that. Okay, my skin may have a lot of issues, but as of now, wrinkles are not one of them. My doctor is now having to show the company my medical records, all the harsh drugs I’ve been on just to stop my face from breaking out. He’s trying to show them I do need this medication. Sure, acne isn’t the worse thing to happen to someone, but it’s pretty damn depressing that’s for sure.(Right, kids? Surely there are some 13 year olds out there who feel me.) I already fight depression as it is. Let’s just also make my face look like a pizza while we’re at it. That’ll really uplift me. So it’s been back and forth with this company trying to tell me they won’t cover it, I’ll have to spend $800, they need to review my files, they need to drag this out as long as they can, blah blah blah. The other medication I was on was birth control. And they were a pain about that as well. Yeah, let’s constantly send you your birth control late and be late about getting your renewed ones to you, because that’s something that’s going to work well taken late. Ugh, so health insurance has been a royal pain for me since, forever. Please tell me that they’re not greedy, frustrating little trolls to everyone else? Oh, and if anyone out there has a cure for this annoying adult acne, I will give you my first born child.


2 thoughts on “Me vs Health Insurance

  1. Health insurers are, on the whole, motherfuckers. Oh how I feel for you!!! I had what’s called a skin “eruption” all over my face, neck, back and chest when I was in my early thirties. I was because my liver was blowing up due to a reaction to NAPROXEN (you know, Aleve)! When I finally, finally got to see a dermatologist (took forever thanks to the Kaiser coverage I had then) I obviously stopped the naproxen, and they prescribed Metronidazole (brand name Flagyl) for the condition. It’s a nuclear antibiotic, don’t ask me why, but it fucking worked!!! This was after probably six months of absolutely horrific skin. I didn’t want to see people, go out, anything. I know how it feels. Maybe you could try the metronidazole, see what your doc says. There’s also a metro gel (topical) but for a bad condition I’d recommend the big guns, metronidazole taken orally.

    I do wish you the BEST and I know this will heal and you’ll feel like a million & one bucks again :)

    • Thank you for the information. I will definitely ask my doctor about that. I’m beginning to think this must be something going on inside, because I eat healthy, take (or trying to take) the right meds, rarely wear makeup. And thank you for your well wishes. It’s such a frustrating thing to go through!

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