The Dragon’s Deed



Her cries were shrill as they pierced the air, the maiden wept as this terror was too much to bear.

He came then closer and held her tight, she couldn’t get away despite struggling with all her might.

His hot breath bore down as his massive form nearly crushed her, he would now have what he had always lust for.

His eyes ablaze with a twisted gleam, the monster began to rip her dress apart at the seams.

As it appeared to be over, he would soon take her all, she heard a noise deep behind the cavern’s darkened wall.

A roar from the beast that had been slumbering there, he now rose with anger, his brilliant eyes squinted in a glare.

The knight dropped her then as his knees began to shake, apparently tonight this virgin would not be his to take.

With a mighty roar and a blast of simmering light, a wispy pile of ashes was all that was left of the shining knight.

The dragon retreated to his shadowy chamber, his heroic deed was done now that the innocent was not in danger.

The maiden rejoiced as she set off for her kingdom but paused to marvel at the beast who had fought for her freedom.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Fairy Tale Prompt


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