Dream Tending


When I first started therapy, I was told to write down my dreams so my therapist could try and figure out what they meant. Well, I scoffed at this idea, because my dreams are weird and all over the place. She does give some interesting insights into my dreams that indeed makes me wonder. (Hey, maybe the therapist knows more than I do!) Anyway, today she told me about dream tending and asked if I’d ever done this before. Most of the people she sees, either can’t remember their dreams, or they’re very vague. Whenever I come in, I stun her with my exact play by play, crazy in depth situations. From dancing dead corpses, exploding pine cones that can kill anyone I throw them at, a man that chases me and eats my pets alive, my quest for the lost diamond to my engagement ring, fighting Predator, getting trampled by a horse while my family laughs, and happily being the only person left alive after a bomb explodes leaving me in a new beautiful land- she’s saying they’re trying to tell me something. (Like, perhaps, stop being so violent and emo?) In most dreams that I have, I’m being chased or I encounter some sinister person (or people) and I either kill them graphically, or wake up before I have a chance to find out what they want. Of course I tend to just go with, ‘Well, they don’t want anything. They’re fictional creations from my overactive imagination.’ She believes, however, I would benefit greatly from dream tending, which she explained as basically having an open mind (which I obviously need to work on with this subject) and going into a meditative hypnotic state where I can relive some of the intense dreams that I have – after I’ve woken up from them – and try to speak to the figures in my dream. There’s a book called Dream Tending by Stephen Aizenstat that goes into more depth of how this works and teaches you how to do this. Sure, I’m skeptical, but I’m also interested. I’m always interested when it comes to things having to do with the mind and our subconscious. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Or have you done dream tending yourself?



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