Shout out to the old man-


My dad and I may not be the closest to where I feel comfortable talking to him about anything- but he’s always been there for me. Always. This guy will bend over backward (well, maybe not, he does have a bad back) and do anything to make sure I am okay. During countless fights with my mom, he would always be there to calm me down and let me know that he understands where I’m coming from. If I have even the slightest little problem and I mention it to him, he’ll go into super dad action mode and want to fix it right then and there. I would often find myself embarrassed when I accidentally unleased the raging father onto anyone that had slightly wronged me, but now living across the country from him, I could sure use him barging into a few places right about now. I’ve seen him try his hardest to be a good husband and the pain in his eyes when his love isn’t returned. I’ve seen the crushing look on his face when one of my other siblings, who he also does so much for, curls her lip in disgust when he jokes to cheer her up. It must not be easy living in a household full of girls, so I have nothing but respect for this man who has been a caring father and never left us, even though we’re all a bit crazy. When I’m upset, he makes me feel better. When I was a child, terrified to sleep for fear of my panic inducing nightmares, he would rub my back and tell me of all the fun and exciting upcoming things we would do until I drifted off to sleep. Hearing him tell me how happy he is whenever I come home to see him now, and I can tell he truly means it, makes me so grateful to have him for a father. So, despite that one time you threatened to get rid of my newly acquired pet python- causing me to sob in a restaurant- and told me I would scare away men forever because of that, you’re still one amazing pops.

photo (15)

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful fathers out there and also to the people who play the role of that figure for someone who may not have their father around anymore.


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