Waltz with the Courtesan



 The neon lights flicker with an eerie foreboding glare

The palpitation in my breast warns me I shouldn’t be there

A dismal cavern of musty velvet bids me deep within

This is nothing but a nightmare there’s no use trying to pretend


I feel myself under scrutiny by these deceptive eyes

Each alabaster face with lips cracked of death from lustful lies

This sullied world I’ve entered has me chained against its flesh

So why do I feel they’re judging me? I beg my mind to rest


Deliquescing into stillness now, I see her floating there

A haunting look she casts my way has her stripping my conscious bare

Luscious locks swirling, twirling they are all servants to this enchanting queen

My thighs begin to ache as she leads me away into this fervent dream


Peach lips enunciate words of silk, her lingerie falls against floors no longer soiled

I will now be her king, her true love, to me she will always be ever so loyal

She tells me she is forever mine, forget them all, stay in this land of darkened greed

Of course my courtesan assures me everlasting love if ironically I pay a golden fee


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #25

Photo by jjlovely


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