Waltz with the Courtesan



 The neon lights flicker with an eerie foreboding glare

The palpitation in my breast warns me I shouldn’t be there

A dismal cavern of musty velvet bids me deep within

This is nothing but a nightmare there’s no use trying to pretend


I feel myself under scrutiny by these deceptive eyes

Each alabaster face with lips cracked of death from lustful lies

This sullied world I’ve entered has me chained against its flesh

So why do I feel they’re judging me? I beg my mind to rest


Deliquescing into stillness now, I see her floating there

A haunting look she casts my way has her stripping my conscious bare

Luscious locks swirling, twirling they are all servants to this enchanting queen

My thighs begin to ache as she leads me away into this fervent dream


Peach lips enunciate words of silk, her lingerie falls against floors no longer soiled

I will now be her king, her true love, to me she will always be ever so loyal

She tells me she is forever mine, forget them all, stay in this land of darkened greed

Of course my courtesan assures me everlasting love if ironically I pay a golden fee


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #25

Photo by jjlovely


An Odyssey Built on Nightmares




There I came into her house and saw her, strained, yet still alive, 

Her figure once strong and full of life now was slightly waspish. 

A gnarled finger, covered in dust and sweat, lifted then and told me what she would need,

A lockbox green and shrouded would be stashed in vines of green.


 I stumbled now, into the woods, shielding my face from the sun. 

A mass of vines were thick and dense and scratched my skin quite raw. 

Higher I climbed and thicker they grew, their vibration causing me quite a toll,

Yet finally, there it sat- a little ajar- this lockbox that would save her dying soul. 


There I came back in her house, with grandmother’s dying request,

An alkaline cloud diffused from the chimney as people circled the table, laying out holiday plates.

A gas mask rested upon each head, these relatives, blood of mine,

The fog grabbed and stung on my bare throat as I staggered through, leaving them all behind.


Was I too late? Had this murderous crew ended her fear induced insomnia?

Was this thin light body cloaked somewhere, empty hands waiting for her treasure?

I held a cloth over my mouth, vitiating my senses the fog was now too thick, 

I passed each person, dining in their masks, shoveling their stuffing down quick.


Eyes rolled through the glass as each gaze questioned my offending motive,

I was lost, but determined to fight the butchery, of this maddening world gone barbaric. 

So I ventured on, despite the terror and the fog blinding my ability to see, 

She needed this gold, this hidden treasure she had constructed, to aid her on our own Odyssey. 


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt.


Shattered Glass


If I could transform it all, I’d go back in time. I’d pour my heart out, grasp you, show you this ubiquitous love, -make you mine. These callous thoughts that clench my brain, seizing my emotions will be my forever existing bane.

I believe it was there at one point. I feel it now. A mirage is something that I know couldn’t shade me then. If I close the eyes to the world, my memories of your face set against the rutilant flames of the night, light up my heart, give me a hope that all is right.

This tabula rasa of the mind that formed into a lifeless limp creature breathing for desire, wanting to feel. To be this way, this recondite of hurting, painful nothingness that wants something real. I bite at lips til they bleed salty tears. Just feel. Flowing reddening blood, wash away all my fears. Just allow me to feel.

You could have given me this, been a savior of sorts. I would go with you then, I halfway pine for it now. If you could see the woeful confusion, twisted mien that I wear everyday, when I speak your name or ponder what could have been.

Don’t leave me alone in this forest of emptiness, my lover, my beautiful friend. Beating my head upon this shattered glass, just hating myself for ruining it. I want that earnest aura, I want it all, please bring me away from here.

And if you don’t, if you journey on, just know that if I could have, I would have in my own way if I were free. And may you be content, encompassed with joyful love more than you could have possibly been with me.


The Dragon’s Deed



Her cries were shrill as they pierced the air, the maiden wept as this terror was too much to bear.

He came then closer and held her tight, she couldn’t get away despite struggling with all her might.

His hot breath bore down as his massive form nearly crushed her, he would now have what he had always lust for.

His eyes ablaze with a twisted gleam, the monster began to rip her dress apart at the seams.

As it appeared to be over, he would soon take her all, she heard a noise deep behind the cavern’s darkened wall.

A roar from the beast that had been slumbering there, he now rose with anger, his brilliant eyes squinted in a glare.

The knight dropped her then as his knees began to shake, apparently tonight this virgin would not be his to take.

With a mighty roar and a blast of simmering light, a wispy pile of ashes was all that was left of the shining knight.

The dragon retreated to his shadowy chamber, his heroic deed was done now that the innocent was not in danger.

The maiden rejoiced as she set off for her kingdom but paused to marvel at the beast who had fought for her freedom.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Fairy Tale Prompt

Dear Mama


Mama, I wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t always so cold. I can remember being a happy child, a child who laughed, who loved every moment in this world.

I felt loved, he told me if you had to choose then I would be your favorite. So what happened then to make you loathe me and try to heed my existence?

I was only a child, you knew I would fight back. When a caged animal is pushed and probed, of course it will attack. Did this justify things? Did this quench your thirst for reason?

Why even as a child I could recognize the satisfied malice gleam in those eyes as they turned me into a volatile wreck. That’s what I became, and still am now, I’ll admit I’m an absolute mess.  But you know this, although now you’ll sugarcoat it all, because, bitch, that’s what you do best.

One of my happiest memories was Halloween, I think I loved them all. You’d take me in my little baby seat on the back of your bike through town. I still think of that bat, with its velvet wings and satiny purple gleam. I treasured that thing, but like everything else it became torn and tattered, spattered with blood and left in the corner to fend for itself.

I do know, Mama, that I loved you so, and I felt you truly loved me. So where did it go? Or did it ever exist? Maybe you always hated me.

Hate is a strong word, you told me so yourself. I still remember the sting of your slap. If that’s true, why do it now? Why hate me and then show your love for everyone else?

I may be far away and out of sight where we can’t hit and quarrel. But every day, month, that you shut me out it twists that fleshy knot deeper until my emotions wrench and spew venomous thoughts about.

Is this your new form of the crying room? Have you locked me in and thrown away the key? Now I can sit here howling and raging against the night knowing that no one will ever hear me.

You’re the devil, a beast, the thing I hate most. No child should have wrath against her mother. But, Mama, I swear, this hatred is there only because I want you to love me, I’m your daughter.


The Fall of the Queen

Pushing my way through the dense entanglement of arms. Seeing the awaiting blade, my mouth gaped in a horrific awe.

Why was I even here to witness such an animosity? Such a disturbing, depressing show of one’s great fall?

“Whore.” “Liar.” “Witch.” “Heathen.” All these words were hissed and chortled over. It anguished me to hear it, why I don’t know.

Maybe she was all of these things. I never knew her. Then why did my soul lament? Why was I here to see this sickening show?

I am no queen. But I strive for love, I strive for power, I strive to be the best at what I can be.

But sometimes, this can all backfire on you. Sometimes you will succeed and fail in front of the whole world to see.

The hunger grew wild. Hissing, writhing snakes. Ready to strike as their prey was lifted through the crowd.

Ascended to her platform of awaiting heinous doom. Readying her head for that one final bow.

What once must have been draped in the finest of glories was now stripped of it all. She was nothing but a bare child.

No monster, no demon. Just a girl, who had tasted it all, and gone so far. Her dreams had thus run too wild.

All she wanted was love. All she wanted was power. But you can’t have both of those without paying a price.

And that she paid dearly…It cost her, her life…

Despised by her people. Replaced by her King.

Her hope had vanished, she would now be nothing more than the legend of a failed Queen.

They cheered and roared, the sorceress was now gone.

No one stopped to ponder, like me, and see what had really gone wrong.

My heart laden with grief, I understood her ambition. You just wanted the world, didn’t you, my friend?

Quiet now, the jesters are afar. I kiss the breeze that passes over what remains of the beautiful late Anne Boleyn.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Tale Weaver Prompt

I Have a Secret


Shh, I have a secret, that only you shall hear.

It’s been locked inside, kept chalky and old,

No one has heard it for it’s been simmering in the shadows,

This secret is just too much for any dear listener to behold.


But are you ready? Here it is! I have to tell somebody,

I’ll burst from its repression, if I keep it in much longer.

I nearly died long ago, I saw my life flash before my eyes,

Or maybe, simply, the truth is I don’t love this man, I love everything about her.


Men, women, everyone, does it matter who I yearn for?

Or is my secret that I cannot love, it doesn’t exist within?

Therefore when I killed someone, I secretly, happily relished it,

All because this abysmal dark chasm that replaces my heart, makes me void of all emotion.


Or maybe instead, as I stared beneath, I knew I could end it all,

Falling like a minuscule particle into the watery depths below.

Yet here I am still alive, how could I manage that?

Was this my secret that I told? Do you now know of my immortal soul?


Perhaps the secret is a hidden genius that I can’t wait to share,

Or the angst that comes with an approaching condemnation that will send us all away.

Here, I can’t stop stealing, taking everything that isn’t mine,

I’ve committed crime after crime and yet have never had to pay.


So many secrets, so many lies,

Which are the falsehoods and which is mine?

How can we all live burdened with our deepest darkest moments?

If we learn to live with who we are perhaps our secrets will vanish in time.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: A Vastly Important Secret