Christmas music already?

I am back on the internet which feels refreshing. Who am I kidding though, I never actually left the internet. Is that possible nowadays? I did however run into a series of events that kept me from blogging. First I traveled to Alabama to see my sister get married in possibly the loveliest wedding I’ve been to. The house I grew up in has a rather large amount of forest in the back, and with a few lanterns and candles, this was turned into an enchanting wedding set to the music of “Hallelujah” and “Moon River.” My boyfriend had all his fears and stereotypes of the deep dark South erased and now would love to move over there. Which I felt a big “I TOLD YOU SO” pride swelling deep inside because I’m always sticking up for my beloved Southland. Seriously, we do not all marry our siblings. I only have sisters anyway so I never got the chance. ;) Can you believe I talked to someone that thought slavery is still going on there? And I thought I had bad history classes in school. Well, my ranting is best saved for another day. The biggest joy to me was seeing my beloved nephew. I just can’t get over this kid. I got to play Ana to his Elsa as his obsession with Frozen (like all other kids) has him in awe of the ice queen. I think if I could hear that little three year old tell me “Ana, I love you. We best friends” everyday, I would be in heaven. Seriously, I think I need a kid now. Just skip the pregnancy and somebody give me their kid.

Right after that, it was festival after festival for my film industry job. Which means nonstop travel, meetings, and hobnobbing (or in my case clinging to the food tables) at parties. Yeah, those festivals just really take every moment of your time. But I got to see some pretty amazing films which is always a plus to this job. However, I’m back on the internet to actually do something somewhat productive, not just read soul sucking celebrity gossip articles and stalk TV show fan sites that I’m too embarrassed to admit I watch.

Now that I’ve written this, I get to go do a mass reading of some of my favorite blogs.